1) In depth MBTI

 a) Basic Type Training

  • Objectives:

To make professional life more productive and enrich personal life

  • To create understanding about the psychological functioning of human beings
  • To make people understand how they prefer functioning
  • To train participants be able to use the model for their own development
  • To train participants to use the model in their professional lifes
  • Programme:

Before the session, people pass the MBTI or equivalent ALTI (in 4 languages available). The session will be used to discover in more detail what it are your preferences and implications for work

  •  Method:

Plenary sessions with information, knowledge sharing by the facilitator

Sub group sessions with exchange of experiences

Time Investment : 4 days

b) Advanced Training for certified MBTI Coaches

  • Objectives, learning points:

  • Typology –“back to the roots », link with a-normal under stress behaviour
  • Understand the dynamics of the unconscious
  • How to work with the opposites
  • How to” breakthrough”
  • How to understand your irritations and blocks for constructive coaching
  • The Type of the coachee and preferred approach for coaching
  • Method:

  • Presentations and discussions
  • Lecture, personal insights , role play
  • short works shop in small groups

 2) Intercultural Training

  •  Goals-learning points:

  • to understand the diversity in national cultures and complementary attitudes and behaviours that help people to collaborate
  • learn to differentiate national and organisational culture
  • to start embracing other cultures
  • to learn how to communicate efficiently and effectively with other cultures
  • to learn how to work together, in daily life
  • to learn how to manage in another(given ) culture
  • to learn how to integrate oneself smoothly into another team abroad
  • to learn to manage the diversity
  • Method:

  • very interactive
  • presentations by people from the culture that is studied in the seminar
  • discussions
  • short work shops in small groups
  • Summary at the end of the training with “rules to follow” as learned in the group and thus appropriate to the organization

 3) Burn out

Goal: prevention from burn out 

Statistics are very clear: many people suffer from burn out and numbers are increasing

  • many people do not share the problem because of the negative image and become too stressed and unproductive
  • many become depressed because of too late diagnostic and treatment /support
  • a lot of people are wrongly diagnosed as being in burn out and receive un appropriate treatment with anti-depressive medication

Hermes Consulting can do something about it:

  • there are signs of falling into burn out
  • certain types of people are more sensitive to burn out

                                       >>> this means prevention is possible

By consequence

  • we can avoid suffering for the people
  • cost reduction (“ illness days”) for companies and the social security as a whole


We offer a range of workshops- from presentations to training with role plays– taking 2h -to 2 days .

The goal: sensitize people about burn. Make people recognize signs of pre- phase

and real burn out and offer advice how to help each other using an appropriate

communication style and avoiding certain items.