Our innovative proposition

We deliver quality & agile assessments with a quick follow up. We measure not only competences but also map:

Personality & the deeper personal psychology

Enabling/Disabling behavioural tendencies & scenario’s

The company culture

This allows Hermes Consulting to develop answers on questions many companies face today:

Can the applicant develop the right talents within the company?

Is the applicant a sustainable match for the company & the team?

How long will the applicant stay?

Will the applicant be a solid return on investment?


We offer a short professional process that includes:

  • Assessment by experienced psychologists
  • Evaluation and feedback based on validated methods
  • Quick feedback with a short report
  • Clear advice, short term and long implications included


1   Study of organization

2   Interview per person 2h, 1 test

3   Report writing: short adapted to the organization with clear advice

4   Feedback to all stakeholders

5   If needed, after the assessment; in depth feedback to the person