Transition/Change management

  • “Panta rei” said the old Greeks and they were right nothing is stable !
  • Not the human being because he learns and changes behaviors to adapt to new situations
  • Not organizations : they too have to adapt and therefore extract learnings from mistakes
Our Vision

  • We see transition as a normal process
  • We choose the word Transition rather than “change”. To emphasize the evolution – And yes revolutions do exist but are not the usual way of progressing.
  • Transition emphasizes also the time factor. We do not believe that changes occur overnight.Too many american books seem to give a feeling of quick change…..quick and dirty has to stay an exceptional way of change – in nature transition takes also time and is often a fragile situation. Manage it well, Proactively prepare in all details is the message we can read in nature.

Our methodology

  • Consists of assisting you, working very closely with you and the teams on a day to day basis.
  • Analysis of all elements, making “maps”-overviews even of the emotional side of the transition that is taking place
  • Focus on the people is a given.-we coach for acceptance of the changes And of course we facilitate the workshops to orient thinking, renew structures ans processes,discuss the new matrix of accountabilities etc.

We do not

  • Create a new structure on paper and sell it to you
  • Create a new structure on paper and sell it to you

We do

  • measure the need of performance and efficiency but also the need for a strong coherent ensemble of people who lead the change
  • Measure the strength of the leadership “platform” that will carry the tranformation
  • Recognize the potential talent and bring them up front to lead with top management the transition process
  • Detect unconscious patterns of resistance and use this knowledge to construct even better and more
  • Challenge constructively the conscious patterns of resistance
  • Work with the most resistant people : hard wood is the most resilient also when it lies in the good direction-up to us to reorient the energy
  • Work with top management day to day coaching, challenging, supporting of course with macro and micro planning, project management techniques using your tools as much as possible

In essence

  • Measure the need,the S/W and type of organization, create a tailor made macro plan, map out the resistances, start coaching the top leaders,facilitate workshops to start the micro-plans,feedback weekly to top management, adapt if necessary the plan…stay enthusiastic…
  • Contaminate the people with this enthusiasm,live with them listen and not argue but guide and mentor

People’s Reactions

We discuss with you where we can put your people in this diagram


People’s Reactions

We discuss with you where we can put your people in this diagram


Interim management for change

Interim HR change