Vision – Mission

Support by:

  • Facilitation of meetings and organize workshops : the creation or development of next step development of the Vision /Mission
  • Role of Challenging partner to evaluate the implementation level
  • Develop KPI’s with the leaders and planning with follow up

Organization – Measure


  • Culture Study via anthropological method. Values and their links to behaviors, symbols,rituals, mental models, archetypes, heroes
  • Climate study via observations, interviews and questionnaires
  • Diagnose of SWOT via workshops with top management
  • Elements of (un)balance within the organization and managed (?) paradoxes
Leaders and their impact
  • Impact of leader(s) on culture, climate, style and performance
  • Gaps between “want to be as a organization and where we are in reality” and needed Actions

Organization – Develop

  • Standardize to impact on the culture e g via Performance-Competence systems, training, potential criteria, special projects etc
  • Coaching top management how to unbalance and rebalance organizational elements for growth
  • Transition Management (changes)& Consulting : to assist the organization during the change for the wanted/needed/decided reorientations or enhancements // assisting the implementation with an internal group ( change committee) focusing on balancing the oppositional elements
  • Coaching leaders during the change
  • Team Buildingto enhance output via development of communication, cooperation, cohesion, sense of belonging, streamlining of decision processes, develop clarity of accountabilities