Do you ask yourself… One (some) of these questions ar

  • Why can I not persuade this person?
  • Why seems my boss always iritated when I present my part during the staff meeting ?
  • I seem to become uncertain when I have to speak up and defend a position during the meetings
  • I seem to bump up to the same annoying characters in my life…why ?
  • I want to get to the next step in my career but my boss says I have to learn to think differently ?
  • What differences in approaches in our team !! what is the best?
  • I’m 50 and not enjoying work anymore, but it is not clear why : colleagues are nice, my evaluations are good, my boss is ok and my salary is ok…???
  • I have to be an expert and a leader : difficult combination ! How to do that ?
  • I have to be a “strong” decisive leader with a human face…???
  • I need consensus in the team but it takes too much time!!
  • I need to combine short and long term accountabilities -these can be conflicting !!

good news, you are not the only one
even better news : we can discuss this and support you

Know yourself ar

  • we believe that coaching is one of the ways to develop people If you believe that
  • Self Awareness is the basis for any behavioral change
  • People want to and can develop themselves
  • Attitudes, behavior are purposeful
  • Learning comes from inner drive, feedback, support, sweat
  • All this will transpire in the trustful and respectful relationship coach-coachee never forgetting that the end -client is the organization
The world is a stage and men and women merely players

Coaching is ar

  • Support the individual to discover her-his strengths and weaknesses and unknown talents patterns of behavior that are (un)productive
  • Measure to create understanding via tests, questionnaires,360°, e.g. ALTI or MBTI, Life Styles personal in-depth interviews
  • Stimulate the change of behavior pace of development is managed and long lasting effects are key constructive but challenging feedback is essential,
  • Adapt to the coachee to learning style and individuation level
  • Stretch teh coachee to make decisions, self aware, in serenity
  • Trust is the corner stone for success

Goals are set by the organization and – or coachee to plan and urge for change
The coachee creates “personalized” learning targets
without clear goals and without clear commitment there is no coaching

Goals can be purely performance oriented : change of behavior
or can be personal development oriented : attitude change,
mastering psychological functions that are under- used

Our beliefs:

The coachee is full responsible for his-her behavior change

The coach guides and develops constructively

Self awareness :”Know Yourself” and improved performance

Place of coaching and specialized answers to your needs ar


> business


People Leaders Organisations
+ Talent detection
+ Gaps
+ Self assessment
+ 360°
+ Culture study
+ Leader’s styles
+ Talent Process
+ Coaching
+ Training
+ Coach with Voice Dialogue
+ Coaching in small groups
+ Coaching for conflicts
+ Change Management
+ Team development
+ Team Coaching

For obvious competitive reasons: In the following page we do not present all details of our expert approach, unique on the market

Voice Dialogue ar

Objective :

  • make people aware of their personal strategies, strenghts and weaknesses – enabling consciuous decision making for optimal behavior

Background :

  • S/W are linked to behavioral patterns that are not always clear or even conscious
  • The question is why people choose the situation they are in
  • Strategies in working life can block or favour adaptation and performance
  • Beliefs, mental models ;psychological preferences : they play their role and influence choices
  • People have many elements in their personality, these can be observed in their different styles and approaches
  • The elements are always clustered by two and are in oppositional form

Technique :

  • A kind of role playings with the different styles, strategies, until it is clear to the person what is the “best choice”


Development Workshops : Coaching in small groups ar

You know

  • Who are your high potentials ?? :leaders of today and tomorrow?
  • There are still competencies and attitudes that are to be learned and are weak all over the organization ?

You want to invest to

  • Retain the talent
  • Develop the talent in an accelerated way ?
  • But for 20 or more people coaching can be a heavy investment

For you, Hermes Consulting has created

  • Development Workshops : coaching technique in groups of maximum 6 people
  • Goal : accelerated development — and retention of your high potentials
  • Essentially : workshops – small-interdepartmental groups of high potentials
  • one day per month
  • Subject : weak competences-weakest organizational capabilities – No theory !
  • Preparation is paramount : with top management and HR
  • The style is challenging – coaching
  • Key : commitment from the top who introduces him – herself the workshop the n+1 (if not top mngt) of the participant needs also to be included in this preparation and has to give his clear commitment and the participant’s commitment


  • organizational capabilities grow
  • accelerated developments
  • participants start coaching each other
  • > leaders of today and tomorrow develop
  • > new network between the participants
  • > they become role model for others
>> These people feel this investment as a real recognition = retention of talent !

Team Performance Coaching ar

  • Objective : Team Performance

  • Approach :
    • Analysis of the essential factors in any team : using “THINK” model – method
      = questionnaire and interviews
    • Feedback to the team of the analysis = agenda for the sessions
    • Each weak point is discussed and actions are decided
    • 7 days,7 sessions maximum, of each 3 hours

  • Style : workshop

  • Result : alignment, coherence, shared vision, improved climat, more and better Quality output


Difference with team building: More business driven
by links with S/W in work situation and implementation projects

Image Coaching ar

Nieuw! Alleen voor dames …

U vraagt zich af

  • hoe kan ik als vrouw meer impact maken bij zaken vergaderingen en presentaties
  • welke kleuren combinaties zijn best geschikt bij mijn type huid
  • welke kledingsstijl is meest geschikt voor mij?

Onze stijl en kleuren consulente, Kristina helpt U een zicht te krijgen op Uzelf door aangepast advies mbt kleuren en stijlen. via een individuele sessie wordt naar de optimale formuel gezocht voor U


Onze psycholoog , Bob gaat Uw psychologisch profiel – “temperament”
en Uw stijl combineren – ‘matchen’
dit gebeurt via interview en testafname ( ALTI)
Samen met de stijl en kleuren consulente Kristina, wordt er een geoptimaliseerd “imago” uitgewerkt en krijgt U een heel
persoonlijk advies