+ Vision
+ Mission

Values in all
HR activities


People Leaders Organisations
+ Talent detection
+ Talent Audit
+ Talent Process
Find and Measure
+ Individual assessment
+ Potential assessment
+ 360° excercises
+ Organization study
+ Leader’s styles
+ Talent Process
+ Coaching
+ Training
+ Coaching: Voice Dialog
+ Coaching for conflict resolution
+ Coaching in small groups =
    Development Workshops
+ Transition
+ Intercultural
+ Team building

Red : see “coaching”

Our Approach = Team Work ar


  • + relations that build credibility and trust
  • + continuous listening
  • + getting commitment from the top
  • + showing our personal commitment
  • + Pushing for coherence
  • + Strong collaboration with HR

Our Vision on Organizations ar

+ Organizations are build on opposite elements to be managed

+ These elements are not contradictory but complementary

+ These elements should be in balance – in general

+Unbalance is fruitful if not too long and if well managed, then it provides creative tensions, leading to super- perfomance
+The most explicit complementary elements that are examplatory of this model, are the individual’s needs versu s the organization’s focus
These both sides – individuals and organization have to be in balance and as elements of the whole system they have to grow simultaneously – in synchronocity – if not unbalance will decrease performance
And conflicts of interest are normal ( jsue tink about “balance professional and family life !) adn do not need to be subject of real conflicts, but can be ares of great creativity—unlike some union people seem to tink
+Other examples – less explicit – are For instance:

+ The power of comittees : a strategic product development Team versus a manufacturing comittee

+ The power of comittees : a strategic product development Team versus a manufacturing comittee

Our Vision on Organizations ar

The HR elements we consider are highlighted in the following scheme :
(they are put in a logic flow)
On the people side :

+If you do not know what are your business, values etc any candidate will do the job. Retention is needed and focusing on the Talent Development can.

+ An organization needs to know what “strength ” it has in house : a map of the “potential” of the human resources capital seems obvious to do

+ Develop the human capital isnecessary and will be a big support to the need to retain the talent

On the organization side :

+To kwow your SWOT is essential to grow

+Transition is a continuous challenge- A constructive one if the top team has a proactive management style and manages change well

The link between individuals and organizations are the teams : measure their quality and let the team grow -all done via team coaching – included te leaders. A key corner stone !

This is an appreciation of what kind of needs an organization can develop and thus what services are requested from time to time in the HR field: Recruitment;, training, coaching etc

Essential : is there COHERENCE and balance in all these actions?- also a service we can provide you!

Our services

As you can read in the diagram, many elements play a profound role in organizations, many services can be offered

We at Hermes Consulting, believe that we have to focus on our strengths and seek for excellent colleagues to provide other services we are not capable to deliver at top level. So we do have a network in headhunting and HR asessment

Our own focus is more on development than measurement, with 2 exceptions:

+One is the organization’s study: We combine anthropology and Jung’s psychology to a strong mix that results in profound understanding of what is really happening, we project a long term view and add to that a pragmatic advice

+ Another is the assessment of potential : based on 27 years of experience working with top people, having observed their challenges, their way of thinking deciding and acting, having worked close with them in managing complexity and simply have “lived” with them in organizations and appreciated how these top menand women make an organization performant and proactively change processses and structures

Development is our core business.Please discover coaching, Voice Dialog,coaching in conflicts, team Coaching for performance and our unique approach and method : coaching in small groups

Based on experience we offer training services, Auditing HR tools and processes and Intercultural coaching or training

Our Strongest Points ar

Vision, Mission, Values : study

Our strongest impact is on the analysis of the coherence of application of these 3 elements

+First focus on HR tools; coherence with Vision/ Mission/ Values “audit” HR tools and processes

+Second Focus : are Leaders behaving coherent with Vision, Mission,Values using an anthropological study, qualitative but with high impact, bringing strong discussions what to accept and what, not from leaders as “non-coherence

Organization studies:

+A complete new model to study your performance

+Based on JUNG and Anthropology

+ In depth analysis with a report that goes beyond superficial statements aboyt culture and S/W

+We project an image of your growth potential, strategic levers and unconscious organizational blocking systems – for the next 10 years

NO other consultant has this unique tool in Europe

Leaders Development

  • Review your organizational potential – the HR side = create a MAP of the leaders and their competences, capabilities, potential to be your driving force for change NOW and in the Future

We can use 2 methods, bot very strong

  • one to measure from cultural and psychological side the fit individual- organozation/ with focus on competences and attitudes
  • one oriented towards capacity of the individual to fit with the coplexity of his job
  • Review your processes how you detect and build talent

Our Vision on People

  • People have tensions to “manage”
  • In themselves
  • With their teams

Examples :

  • should my style be harder and more soft at the same moment ?
  • I’m not delegating enough and work too hard but if i do, I loose quality ?
  • I need to be a strategic thinker and a pragmatic do-er !
  • I need helicopter view and need to see the details…all at once

  • Individual coaching : highly specialized ; 15 y experience
  • using Voice Dialog technique (see further) if needed
  • Most of our coachees are VP’s an directors
  • Both, Personal Performance and Development can be focused
  • We can be your sounding board to discuss Change -Transition, Intercultural Integration and Team Performance
  • Self Awareness is key in our approach

Remark : Based on in depth training and experience we can trace burn out symptoms and coach for improved “control” and we know when to send te coachee to a psychotherapist- that is part of the training and our integrity

Coaching in conflicts
  • Based on the Jungian framework : tensions are normal, self awareness is key
  • Using psychological analysis and context profiling
  • Being prepared to go many extra miles with the people
  • We drive for a constructive solution
  • No cure no pay
Coaching with voice dialog

Objective : make people aware of their personal strategies, strenghts and weaknesses – enabling conscious decision making for optimal behavior

Background :

  • S/W are linked to behavioral patterns that are not always clear or even consciuous
  • The question is why people choose the situation they are in
  • Strategies in working life can block or favour adaptation and performance
  • Beliefs, mental models, psychological preferences : they play their role and influence choices, attitudes an behaviors
  • People have many elements in their personality, these can be observed in their different styles and approaches
  • We measure the personality, styles and preferences via tests like ALTI or MBTI or Life Styles or other- and have developed unique combinations like Life Styles with jungian models (Archetypes = patterns of behavior)
  • The combination of Voice Dialog with MBTI – jungian typology is not unique but a very strong one
Technique :

  • A kind of role playings with the different styles, strategies, until it is clear to the person what is the “best choice” : Logic behind it : “be aware of what you do and change”
Coaching in Small Groups
DO You know :

  • Who are your high potentials? where are the:leaders of today and tomorrow?
  • There are still competencies and attitudes that are to be learned and are weak all over the organization ?( “weak organizational capabilities”)
You want to invest to

  • Retain the talent
  • Develop the talent in an accelerated way ?
  • But for 20 or more people coaching can be a heavy investment
For you, Hermes Consulting has created

  • Development Workshops : coaching technique in groups of maximum 6 people
  • Goal : accelerated development — and retention of your high potentials

  • Essentially : workshops – small-interdepartmental groups of high potentials
  • one day per month
  • Subject : weak competences-weakest organizational capabilities – No theory !

  • Preparation is paramount : with top management and HR
  • The style is challenging – coaching
  • Key : commitment from the top who introduces him – herself the workshop the n+1 (if not top mngt) of the participant needs also to be included in this preparation and has to give his clear commitment and the participant’s commitment


  • organizational capabilities grow
  • accelerated developments
  • participants start coaching each other
  • > leaders of today and tomorrow develop
  • > new network between the participants
  • > they become role model for others
>> These people feel this investment as a real recognition = retention of talent !

Training : “interim” training manager

  • Based on the analysis of the company culture and values and on the organization needs on long an short term -as discussed with top management and verified by an organization study if needed
  • Enhance or create a professional analysis of individual and team training needs
  • Create a coherent training plan for all personnel with a vision for 5 years : a training curriculum people have to follow
  • Coherent training plan for the high potentials
  • And for each specific level of employees
  • Specific training plan for integration of new recruits
  • Organizational analysis and individual needs analysis are alligned

Deliverable : coherent training programmes -real added value by actions supporting the organisational culture and changes

Training activities we deliver (as sensibilisation)

  • Group Dynamics
  • Coach the coach
  • Self Awareness for more performance
  • Thinking Styles and Preferences and their impact on collaboration, persuasion and leadership
  • Conceptual Selling
  • Intercultural awareness

Deliverable : awareness

Team building

  • The focus is the OUTPUT – Performance of the team :
    incl quality and quantity levels (KPI’s to be decided!)
  • We analyze the ” situation” via 6 entree points, including also the perceptions Are considered : elements like decision making processes, leadership, balance of personalities, analysis of counterproductive patterns of behavior
  • We use a unique mix of elements (too interesting for competitors to read)
  • Bringing the team together to construct a dialogue of Transition
  • Make the team decide Actions with a Plan
    • Key is commitment from the boss – and supporting the boss
    • Key is also the preparation that takes more time than the session
  • The facilitation is done with a challenging style but flexible and empathic


  • Coaching for integration
  • Give advice how to integrate in a multicultural team : quick wins
  • Coaching for understanding intercutural differences and work out action plans
    for fast and lasting results
  • Coaching in group sessions to make tensions open and “discussable”
  • Training and conferences on intercultural differences : China, Eastern and Western Europe, Central Africa, Madagascar.Other : via network