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The overall goal is to educate participants, stretching them to the highest level of performance by developing their minds in a significant way.

We use the scientist/practitioner model of training with faculty actively involved in practice. This offers participants the opportunity to obtain the theoretical/scientific and technical and personal experience, necessary to enter into the practice of coaching. It implies an exposure to coaching related issues and evaluation of competences related to coaching.

1. Management Coaching

a) Development Coaching

People are continuously evolving.. Their life scenario and career development, seen as learning, is never stopping. Coaching is a way to support & develop this process. The professional coach supports people in their quest for discovering the common thread in their progress and facilitates the management and control of it.

b) Stress Coaching

Everyone deals with stress from time to time. When the stress becomes too much too handle Hermes Consulting can provide in depth coaching as a remedy.

This specific coaching has following elements:

Analyse stress sources, create a new life plan with stepping stones and tools.

 c) Integration Coaching

Leaders structure organizations, shape jobs & direct people. This implies they face many challenges:

Cope with uncertainty about personal competences, appropriate approaches

How to ensure fast quality achievements, be productive “asap” with new team

How to integrate –rapidly in the new job and adapt to new function and company culture.

Adapt to a new country and its national culture.

Develop a relationship with the team

Together with the coachee we diagnose causes and patterns of challenges

2. Coaching Academy


Our Mission is to offer the opportunity to our participants to go a step further in coaching. The purpose is to be able to deliver coaching at the highest professional level. Our seminars develop a forceful personal development as well as conceptually as emotionally. Participants can develop their theoretical and technical knowhow and are challenged, personally. We use scientific & practical based models that have proven results.


Coaching is a method to develop people. Each person, in his life time, is constantly in evolution, as well personally as professionally. The coach offers support in the quest for deepening and helps to find the life scenario and what changes are optimal at long term. We focus on strengths, not weaknesses and challenge coachees. The Coach is the facilitator who helps to find out what is the best road to choose at the important cross roads of life.


Our Academy find it’s fundaments in 3 areas: Jungian psychology, existential philosophy & neurosciences.

We are holistic and have a positive attitude. We focus on development that makes positive choices possible.

We us the strengths of coachees and avoid concepts and approaches that define behaviour in negative, limiting terms.

Our participants should know the basics of coaching: contracting, basic processes, an objective setting & how to offer feedback. They have learned and mastered the “11 competences” and preferably have obtained an accreditation.

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