The modern workplace is often thought of as cold and rational, as no place for the experience and expression of emotions. Yet it is no more emotionless than any other aspect of life. Individuals bring their affective states and emotional buttons to work, leaders try to engender feelings of passion and enthusiasm for the organization and its mission, and consultants seek to increase job satisfaction, commitment, and trust.

Hermes Consulting observed that in contradiction of the measures taken in M&A, many of these are not a success: up to 70 % lead to separation and even bankruptcy, ( Napier 2008 ; INSEAD 2010, Navatte en Scheir 2008;Mc. Kinsey 2001 ; PWC 2005). Measures which are used to decide if the M&A is a risk or not, are always based on pure financial elements. The human factor, so eloquently spoken of in literature is suddenly of no use.

Today values seem important, are well described but again not used when it seems so useful to do.

Hermes Consulting goes steps further and want to add measurements in 4 following dimensions.

  • Leadership
  • Collective Intelligence
  • The collective memory
  • The collective EQ

These concepts are studied in depth through a deep analytical approach

  1. In depth Analysis: mapping the human dynamics, leader and organisation
  2. Presentation of the analysis to top
  3. Focusing the actions on the real issues.