We are:

Bob Thomas,

  • Registered Psychologist,MBA,
  • Certified MBTI and Life Styles, KOAN, KOAN PI
  • Mentor for coaching programmes
  • Organizational psychologist with clinical experience

  • Trained with Jungian models/approaches and Cognitive Behaviorism: combined to a unique mix
  • Voice Dialog specialist, the only one in Flanders
  • “Burn out” expert, mentor for young psychologists who work with these clients

  • More then 30 years of experience – of which 13 y within pharma/biotech companies
  • Experience in strategy and it’s implementation
  • Worked in HQ, R&D, Manufacturing, Sales/Marketing environments

Hermes Consulting

combines it’s efforts with strategic partners who are senior people with experience in all kinds of industries, services and government and who work In Europe and US and speak at least 3 languages

Our network is based on the values Client Focus, Creativity, Integrity, Transparency, Balance

We are ready to serve you