Our Vision

Our “direct” clients : individuals, teams, decision making bodies and organisations are separate but at the same time interconnected systems that influence each other These “units” strive each for their own progress

This can lead to unbalances and therefore can lead to loss in efficiency and productivity, spirit and motivation

We ensure balanced and coherent progress in the mentioned fields

On short and long term

Using the best professional and complementary tools and techniques

And being transparent with the “final” client : the organisation

Hermes Consulting enters the different “worlds” of individual, teams, decision making bodies and organisations, respecting their vision and mental models but also challenging” the out of balance” aspects that induce negative effects.

We create “maps” of interrelations between the individuals, teams decision making bodies and organisations, share these with the client for enhanced understanding of the situation and the challenges embedded in it.

We see ourselves as people who “walk with the client”, creating awareness, not changing ourselves anything or taking decisions instead of the client.

Hermes Consulting uses by consequence essentially the coaching -“sounding board” approach.
this includes that we will only challenge in sofar as the client can understand and “implement” to grow further and perform better.

Hermes Consulting creates a view together with you to take the necessary nexts steps.