Hermes was the Messenger of the gods, it was his duty to bring messages from one got to another, to facilitate communication between gods & human beings. Therefore he was given wings on his hat and feet to be fast. He had no territory of its own. He was known to bring creativity in meetings –without noticing his presence. He was also the one to accompany the souls of the deceased to the Underworld and in fact the only “being “who could enter and leave again this world of the Souls.

Consultants bring messages and learnings from one industry to another, through all levels. Speed is key in any consulting process- we push change and manage with the client, the pace of the different mile stones

We are creative and innovative in each project we manage with you. Hermes Consulting strives to be the Best Coach in Europe to facilitate the personal development and transformation.


  • Paris: Patricia Midy: change management, coach
  • Cathérine Perrut: career coach
  • Budapest: Aniko Korodo: trainer, coach
  • Holland: Elvira Lesman: coach
  • Belgium: Cathérine Wuillaume: coach and Lize Leunens: change management, coach